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Solutions for buildings and neighbourhoods

Safe and flexible heating and cooling solutions for new and existing buildings.

Solutions for buildings and neighbourhoods

Geothermal energy has a very high potential in Germany and Europe, particularly in the development of intelligent building concepts or sustainable neighbourhoods. Geothermal solutions can be used for CO2-free building heating or cooling purposes. Geothermal concepts convince with the fact that they are modular and can grow - even with changing requirements or parallel to project development.

We develop concepts for individual buildings and quarters - e.g. groundwater cooling for your office building in the megawatt range or "cold" local heat via geothermal probes for a new quarter. Geothermal energy can also be used to switch to a sustainable and cost-effective energy supply for existing buildings - with high performance and without annoying noise.

Technically, this form of geothermal energy uses the subsoil to a depth of about  250 m. The constant temperature of the earth's body - via "geothermal probes" or underground water conductors (aquifers) - is used to generate renewable environmental energy. Former mines can also be used as a source of energy under certain circumstances.

Depending on the project-specific cooling and heating temperatures as well as the regional subsoil, the environmental energy gained is used directly or adapted to the required temperature level in an energy-efficient manner via a heat pump.

In many systems, it makes economic sense to "shift" heat and cold underground for seasonal reasons - for example, heat generated as waste during summer cooling can be stored underground and used for heating buildings in winter. Cost-efficient plant dimensioning and high storage efficiencies can be achieved.

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