How do I become a customer?

Storengy markets products within the framework of current tenders and enquiries on the basis of objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria


Storengy may market its products in a tender procedure via its storage portal under Digital Services using the eTender platform.

Storengy announces its tenders on its website under "Next marketing".

All relevant information on marketing can be found in detail on the "Storage Portal"  in the following documents:

- Product Sheet
- Template agreement
- Specific terms and conditions (terms and conditions for online auctions)


Would you like to make a request for one of our products? Write us!

As soon as we have received your request, we will check whether the storage product you require is currently available. If this is the case, Storengy will accept your request. In the exceptional event that the storage product is not available as requested by you, we will endeavour to offer you an alternative product. In any case we will contact you immediately.

A storage contract can be concluded for the period of one or more days, months or storage years. Storage customer and Storengy enter into a storage contract in accordance with the respective valid general terms and conditions.

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Exclusively for registered customers only

It should be noted that "eTender" is available to registered and authorised users only (see Terms and Conditions for Online Auctions).

Please refer to the Online Auctions User Guide for the registration procedure and a detailed description of how eTender works.
In order to receive all necessary information about current tenders in good time, you can register for our newsletter by e-mail.

Unless otherwise stated in the relevant separate Terms and Conditions or in the Storage Contract, the General Terms and Conditions valid at the time shall also apply as part of the Storage Contract concluded in the tender procedure.


Dieter Fehlau