Aquilon: an innovative energy solution project

Storengy Deutschland and ENGIE Laborelec implement an integrated energy solution consisting of wind energy, solar energy and battery storage.

EU-funded energy solution project at German natural gas storage facility

Since July 2021, Storengy Deutschland and ENGIE Laborelec have been working on the realisation of the joint innovation project "Aquilon", for which a grant from the European Union (EU) Innovation Fund has been made available. This makes the project one of a group of 32 small and innovative decarbonisation projects in the EU dealing with the market establishment of low-carbon technologies for energy-intensive industries, hydrogen, energy storage and renewable energies.

What's innovative about Aquilon?

“Aquilon” is a renewable energy production project. With the help of this project, 1 GWh of electricity is to be generated at the natural gas storage site, which covers the base load of the energy demand in Peckensen (Saxony-Anhalt). This could supply up to 250 households with electricity for a year.

For this purpose, wind energy, solar energy and redox flow battery storage are combined in the system. An intelligent energy management system specially developed by ENGIE Laborelec controls the entire facility, ensuring constant electricity production and avoiding 100% greenhouse gas emissions.

Spirit of innovation rewarded

The implementation of Aquilon is supported by the EU Innovation Fund due to its innovative approach and contribution to climate neutrality.

Infographic of the Aquilon project. It shows solar energy and airborne wind energy connected to a redox flow battery and then connected to the Peckensen gas storage.
Infographic of the Aquilon project. It shows solar energy and airborne wind energy connected to a redox flow battery and then connected to the Peckensen gas storage.

A kite can reach flight altitudes that far exceed the height of a conventional wind turbine. In these higher layers of air, the wind strength tends to be higher and more consistent, so more renewable electricity can be generated.

Christophe Merlo

Four Elements of Aquilon

The AWEC is a kite that, in contrast to more expensive wind turbines, delivers higher and more consistent energy yields. In addition, the energy yield from the AWEC corresponds to the base load requirement in Peckensen. 

We were commissioned to produce the kite for Aquilon was SkySails commissioned.

The use of PV makes it possible to generate energy cost-effectively and complements the AWEC performance profile in covering the energy needs of the Peckensen site. For this purpose, the existing roof areas as well as  Surrounding areas are used in the best possible way. 

Installing a redox flow battery supports the overall system by charging and discharging power as needed. In this way we can achieve consistent electricity generation and optimize our own consumption of the energy generated. The advantages of such batteries are their flexibility, their long service life and their fast response time. Parameters that are a must for the project. 

The EMS is the crucial key element of the project. The intelligent management system detects any excess or underproduction of renewable energies (wind and solar energy) and automatically compensates for them. This ensures that the exact energy requirements are supplied in the active and passive phases of the gas storage facility. In addition, the EMS ensures connection control to the power grid, the distribution of electricity and carries out grid-stabilizing measures. 

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Christophe Merlo
Business Development Manager and Project Manager at Storengy Deutschland

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