Services for third parties

With our broad range of services for third parties, you benefit from excellent expertise.

We have decades of experience and expertise in the implementation of highly complex industrial projects. We set very high standards for occupational safety and can demonstrate special expertise in all aspects of the underground. This includes operations, service, maintenance 4.0, geosciences, borehole management, workover and snubbing. We would be happy to support you individually!

With the help of digital process control systems, all Storengy’s natural gas storage facilities in Germany and the industrial plants belonging to two third-party customers are controlled and monitored using remote operation by a central control room in Hanover — around the clock, every day.

You can find more information in our brochure "Central Control Room".

For your business, we create management plans, maintenance strategies, risk and fault analyses, and provide services from maintenance management to the assumption of technical services.

We plan, coordinate, monitor and carry out all maintenance measures on your storage facility. Our services range from the first maintenance to the joint storage of replacement parts and complete maintenance management.

Take a look at an example of our maintenance practice in the following video.

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Dr. Frank Fischer
Managing Director