Development of the potential of your region

Develop the potential of your region by making geothermal resources available - powerful, quiet and ecological.

Development of the potential of your region

Green heat and cold from the underground - a central element of the energy revolution

Storengy offers solutions for heating and cooling requirements based on geothermal energy. As an innovative partner for a new world of energy, Storengy makes a contribution to sustainable cities, neighbourhoods and buildings. ENGIE Group is involved in numerous projects worldwide and is currently expanding its activities in Germany.


Green heat and cold based on geothermal energy is ...

  1. Ecological and local: The use of geothermal energy produces only very small amounts of greenhouse gases. The local natural resource of geothermal energy can be used at the vast majority of locations.
  2. Renewable and always available: Available regardless of climatic conditions - a stable basis for heating and cooling solution.
  3. Flexible: Geothermal energy can be used for a wide range of project sizes, from a single residential building to entire city districts. 
  4. Competitive and reliable: Geothermal energy is technically proven, widely used and competitive.
  5. Seasonal storable: Heat and cold can be generated in the subsurface e.g. "can be shifted from winter to summer", i.e. the cold from winter can be used in summer. Renewable energy is available when it is needed. 

No other technology converts green electricity so efficiently into heat and cold - Storengy therefore sees this market as a central building block in the energy revolution.

B2B customer segments

One- and multi-family houses

- Decentralised solutions cover > 80% of the German heat demand in households (30% of total heat demand)

- We develop the segment with digital sales models - for new and existing buildings

- We follow a regional sales approach and reduce costs - in many individual buildings and with cold local heating

Public authorities, neighbourhoods & trade

- Industry and trade services account for 25% of the total German heat demand < 100Ā°C

- We want to further develop the segment with tailored solutions from a single source - and have various solutions that use monowells, open and closed systems and mines

targeo - making green heat tangible

Storengy is working hard to make geothermal energy ready for the digital age, thereby opening up new sales channels and further increasing the competitiveness of this future technology. With targeo we support public utilities and regions in implementing the heat transition! To this end, we develop a building-specific, regional analysis to identify the economic geothermal energy potential and thus show you concrete sales approaches for a renewable heat and cold supply in existing and newly built districts. We support you in implementing your CO2 targets with your local geothermal resources and reliably plan and implement the extraction of geothermal energy - also with your own investments.

With targeo, we deliver an innovative, digital and efficient solution so you can realize new business in heat recovery and CO2 savings. Would you like to learn more about it? Then get in touch with us.


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