News 11 January 2023

#TeamStorengy: Selima Sayah

Today we’re talking to Selima Sayah. She’s a business development manager for Storengy Deutschland at our Berlin site and a former student employee.

At Storengy Deutschland, we’re very proud of our employees because they’re an integral part of our success. That’s why in our #TeamStorengy series, we introduce colleagues from different areas who enrich our company with their commitment. 

Today we’re talking to Selima Sayah. She’s a business development manager for Storengy Deutschland at our Berlin site and after working as a student employee, she was taken on in a permanent position.

What are your tasks as Business Development Manager and what do you enjoy most about your job? 

I have a wide variety of tasks in the field of business development — always with a focus on innovative business areas that I can help to develop. In that regard, my job is comparable to establishing many small start-ups, which are integrated in a large company. It’s precisely this trade-off between traditional company and start-up that I find very interesting and I enjoy the varied work very much.

My role is specifically to develop and support new business opportunities in the field of biomethane and bio-LNG. This process always begins with an initial idea or a vision.  Then together as a team, we endeavour to build a business concept or a business case. We also use synergies in the ENGIE Group and work on innovative projects running both across all departments and across all companies.

How did Storengy support and encourage your career start? 

Two and a half years ago, I began working for Storengy as a student employee in Business Development for green gases. At the time, I wasn’t sure how working in the team would be. But now, thanks to my colleagues I have learnt a lot. Whether on matters of internal procedures (project development, document preparation, creating presentations etc.) or of external activities (conferences, seminars or preparing and holding customer meetings) — my team has always supported me. And so I was really happy to have a permanent position in the team after finishing my degree and to be able to start my career so quickly.

Which project for Storengy makes you particularly proud? 

I was inducted early on into the topic of biogases at Storengy meaning that I was able both to be supported and to support others. It was really nice to feel that even as a student employee you have been given a lot of responsibility. For example, I was able to contribute to the Aquilon project. It’s an innovative project in the field of renewable energies that after a successful application received EU subsidies. As a result, I learnt how to write grant applications for projects and gained insights into the various phases of a project (project development, management and ultimately controlling).

I was also able to provide my expertise on topics, such as supply chains for biogas and mechanisms to reduce national and European greenhouse gas emissions. In a similar way, I was able to learn from experienced colleagues and share my opinions and my expertise in all other projects.

What is Storengy’s approach to diversity? 

From the very beginning, I felt very comfortable in the team and thought that the efforts to employ more women and more female student employees were very positive. Storengy works very actively to achieve diversity in the work place. And I gladly support this.  

In the end, it’s important to find your place no matter what your gender, skin colour or background is. As a former student employee without any work experience, I was given the chance to take on a role with responsibility straight after my degree and in this way to grow professionally.

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