Functions of natural gas storage facilities

Natural gas storage facilities make an important contribution to a flexible energy supply.


Why natural gas storage facilities?

Through underground intermediate storage facilities, natural gas can make its indispensable contribution to a secure energy supply. Natural gas storage facilities balance supply and demand fluctuations and offer the gas market flexibility whenever needed.

Gas storage facilities for balanced heat output

In Germany more than one third of the energy consumed is used to heat buildings. Natural gas storage facilities balance seasonal variations in energy demand for heating.

Constant supply of natural gas despite fluctuating demand

Natural gas from major gas fields, in particular in Russia, Norway and the Netherlands, is supplied to Germany via pipelines: Around the clock, 365 days a year. This gas can be stored in storage facilities to ensure an even supply of natural gas and to avoid supply bottlenecks to industry and end users even in winter.

Support for energy transition

Natural gas storage facilities support the expansion of renewable energies and help to compensate for their strongly fluctuating volume. In this way, they support the energy revolution and at the same time the secure supply of flexible energy, which is so important for Germany as an industrial country. On top, gas storages have a dampening effect on price in the overall system.