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Nachrichten 24 Januar 2020

Handelsblatt Energie-Gipfel 2020: a feeling of "déjà vu"?

Catherine Gras about the “Handelsblatt Energie-Gipfel” and Storengy's solutions to decorbonize customers' needs by developing green gas offers.


HandelsblattEnergieGipfel 2020_20_ 22Januar 2020

The “Handelsblatt Energie-Gipfel” is the place to be for energy topics in January in Germany. It offers every year a good selection of high-level political persons and top executives from the industry.

In 2019, the event opened with a speech from Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy, and then went on with long discussions on coal exit. This year, we also had Peter Altmaier and we also had speeches on coal exit. 

A feeling of déjà vu? Certainly! A compromise on coal has been found early last year but the government is still struggling to put it into law, a good example of the strong tensions that exist on the main energy issues in Germany. Hard to take bold political decisions and find a compromise between all the business, political and social interests. Decarbonization is progressing but at slow pace, too slow for what we need to achieve.

But part of our industry is already moving fast in the right direction, we had good example on stage, showing that we can take ownership of this crucial subject.

Storengy is offering customers new solutions to decarbonize their needs, developing geothermal or green gas offers. We are convinced that we need to accelerate the deployment of such projects in Germany to be able to reach decarbonization targets.

What was not déjà vu for the “Handelsblatt Energie-Gipfel” was the speech from a teenager talking on behalf of the Fridays for Future movement. In a year, their influence has grown considerably here, can it help us create a new momentum?

Author: Catherine Gras, Managing Director Storengy Deutschland


Fotocredits: HandelsblattEnergieGipfel 2020/ 20.- 22. Januar 2020