Our expertise

Put your trust in our interdisciplinary know-how and our international experience.

Our expertise

Storengy has extensive international experience in the power-to-gas sector and, in addition to interdisciplinary expertise, offers expertise in the holistic development of projects for the production and storage of hydrogen and synthetic methane.

"Hydrogen Broschure"


Surface expertise in the production and storage of hydrogen and synthetic methane

  • Feasibility studies and integration (integration)
  • Technical competencies:
    • Electrolysis
    • Methanation
    • Surface storage
    • Compaction, cleaning and preparation
    • Flexibility
  • Technical-economic optimisation
  • Detailed engineering
  • Support of project management
  • Project management / Acceptance

Expertise in the underground storage of hydrogen and synthetic methane

  • Earth sciences
  • Drilling/drilling work
  • Storage

Operation & maintenance

Sales & marketing

Plant safety 

  • Mastery of all safety standards
  • Approvals
  • Requirements of "Seveso Locations"


Daniel Mercer
Business Development


Thomas Grundler
Business Development