Development of the potential of your region

Develop the potential of your region with hydrogen, biomethane and synthetic methane based on renewable energies.

Entwicklung des Potenzials Ihrer Region

Power-to-gas - A central element of the energy transition

Wind power and photovoltaics are the cornerstones of the energy revolution. But what can be done if the energy produced does not meet the needs of consumers? In particular, regions with a high proportion of renewable energies are increasingly faced with the challenge of having to regulate renewable generation plants.

The power-to-gas solution is an innovative way of storing energy, especially for an energy mix of primarily renewable energies. This process makes it possible to recycle excess electricity from renewable energy sources by converting it into hydrogen and synthetic methane while recycling carbon dioxide (CO2).

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Hydrogen, biomethane or synthetic methane can be used directly by feeding them into the gas network or into a storage tank. They are available as clean energy to the industry, the mobility sector and private households.

Thus, the renewable potential of your region can be further expanded.

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