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Memberships in European and German geothermal networks.



EGEC Geothermal - European Geothermal Energy Council - The voice of geothermal in Europe


BVG - German Geothermal Energy Association

BWP - Federal Association of Heat Pumps

BDEW - Federal Association of the German Energy and Water Industry

BVEG - Federal Association for Natural Gas, Petroleum and Geoenergy

Research and development

An ADEME project coordinated by Storengy to develop an innovative, seasonal heat storage concept using geothermal drillings fed by solar thermal collectors to heat the buildings of the natural gas storage facility.

Geothermal Play Type
This project,  funded by the 6th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Republic of Germany and coordinated by the Leibnitz Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG), aims to better characterize geothermal resources by comparing analogous occurrences with similar geological properties worldwide..

R&D publications

An innovative methodology based on Low Frequency Passive Seismic data analysis to map geothermal reservoir steam satured areas

Probabilistic forecasts of well flow rate and spacing for low enthalpy geothermal projects

Cross-fertilized approaches between oil & gas, gas storages and geothermal assets for risk analysis


Business DevelopmentĀ  - geothermal solutions