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Innovative Products

Storengy focuses on innovation in order to keep up with the times and inspire the market with new product ideas.

 Natural gas storage facility Peckensen

Cross-Market-Area Product

The Cross-Market-Area Product has access to both market areas: NCG and GASPOOL. With the CMAP you profit not only from the seasonal but also from the locational spread between the market areas.

Cross-Quality Product

The Cross-Quality Product offers access to both gas qualities in the GASPOOL market area. The possibility to trade in both gas qualities generates considerable additional value.

Gas-in-Store Products

Gas-in-Store Products are reverse storage products that allow you to withdraw from the beginning of the contract. GiS save capital costs and let you benefit from high reverse spreads.

Flexi Products

Flexi Products provide injection and withdrawal rates in a very short period of time. Flexi products can be very valuable instruments in the control energy market and within-day trading.

Short-Term Products

Benefit from daily firm injection and withdrawal rates. Catch short-term spreads without a fixed price.

Customized Products 

Individual products: You did not find a suitable product? We are happy to develop a product tailored to your needs together with you.