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Draft products

Storengy offers a range of draft products that guarantee safety and flexibility.

Natural gas storage Peckensen

Our draft products – your advantage

Would you like to optimise your portfolio management? Use arbitrage possibilities in the best possible way? Adjust your gas flows to market developments in the short term? Or use virtual products beyond technical limitations?

Storengy is there for you - with a wide range of basic products, additional modules on demand, uncomplicated bookings, fast and individual support: Talk to us, anytime.

Draft Product Harsefeld

The fast Draft Product Harsefeld (51/17) allows you to cover your peak demand at an extremely short notice and at the same time profit from various market spreads.

We offer you a working gas volume on a firm basis combined with firm injection and withdrawal rates and the required flexibility to optimally manage your portfolio with an individual use - one- or multi-year.

Harsefeld Product Sheet


Draft Product Lesum

The Lesum Draft Product gives you the opportunity to diversify your L-gas supply, make your L-gas portfolio more flexible and generate additional revenues on the control energy market.

The product provides you with a firm working gas volume, combined with a firm injection withdrawal rates.

The high performance of the product (84/30) gives you sufficient range to optimally manage your L-gas portfolio.

Lesum Product Sheet


Draft Product Peckensen

The Peckensen (60/15) Draft Product provides you with a firm working gas volume combined with a firm injection and withdrawal rates.

Being the newest  storagesite in Storengy's portfolio, Peckensen has an extraordinarily high withdrawal capacity. The full potential of price movements can thus be exploited with the product.

Peckensen Product Sheet


Draft Product Uelsen

With the Uelsen (116/89) Draft Product, you receive the necessary flexibility to cover seasonal fluctuations, use seasonal market spreads and thus manage your portfolio optimally.

Whether used for one year or booked over several years: This product offers you both safety and flexibility, a firm working gas volume combined with firm injection and withdrawal rates.

Uelsen Product Sheet


Draft Product Schmidhausen

The Draft Product Schmidhausen (160/52) provides you with a fixed working gas volume linked to a fixed injection and withdrawal rate. 

Thanks to the high withdrawal rate, you can use the virtual product at the hub THE as a hybrid storage facility in order to benefit from both seasonality and market movements.


Day-Ahead Product

The firm Day-Ahead Product (DAf) is tailored to your needs. With this product, we provide you with additional firm injection and withdrawal rates on a daily basis. Multiple benefits at once:

You increase the performance of your portfolio and get the opportunity to profit from attractive market spreads in the very short term.

We offer the Day-Ahead product in Uelsen, Peckensen, Harsefeld and Lesum storages.

New: From now on you can also book additional firm injection and withdrawal rates at the Virtual Trading Points GASPOOL and NCG.