Solutions for cities, communities and industry

Geothermal energy for green district heating networks, industry and end customers.

Lösungen für Städte, Gemeinden und Industrie

Cities and municipalities face numerous challenges in the energy revolution. District heating networks operated with combined heat and power or combined heat and power plants are to become greener, existing buildings must be renovated and new buildings must become CO2-neutral. Affordable and renewable solutions must be offered to industry.

Storengy shows the potentials and possibilities for action in various fields of application and implements solutions with public utilities and municipalities - if required also with own investments. This can be, for example, green district heating from solar thermal energy, which can be used in winter via a geothermal probe storage system, or the direct use of geothermal heat to decarbonise networks.

We show options for action outside the district heating and gas supply area, both for newly built districts and in existing buildings - and thus enable the players as a whole to tackle the heat turnaround - and thus to find ways to develop new customers (for more information visit also our targeo project).

Solutions for industry can be large-volume cooling or heat supply contracts or the year-round "disposal" of waste heat, which can be made available via seasonal storage when it is needed (also visit our solutions for bulidings and neighbourhoods

Storengy works as an "underground expert" within the ENGIE Group and incorporates solutions and expertise from other Storengy business areas (e.g. power-to-gas) as well as competences of the Group as required for a complete solution.


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