News 01 November 2022

“We’re looking ahead to winter with confidence”

Storengy natural gas storage facilities start the winter with a fill level of almost 100 percent.

Berlin/ Hanover, 1 November 2022. Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine and the associated concern about gas storage levels, natural gas storage facilities have become the focus of both social and political discourse. Their systemic relevance and strategic role for Germany’s supply security has become more than clear since Russian gas supplies have stopped. Storengy Deutschland is also making a relevant contribution to supply security. For example, the storage company is starting the coming winter with a fill level of almost 100 per cent, thus exceeding the target set by politicians.

Storengy Deutschland operates six natural gas storage facilities in Germany. These have a total working gas volume of approximately 18.5 terawatt hours and are controlled and monitored in remote, 24/7 operation via the head office in Hanover. In addition, Storengy Deutschland also operates a natural gas storage facility on behalf of a third-party customer.

Assuming that a four-person household consumes an average of 20,000 kilowatt hours of natural gas per year, the Storengy natural gas storage facilities could supply 900,000 households at full capacity.

“We’re looking ahead to winter with confidence and are very proud that, with our teams, we can make a decisive contribution to securing supplies: all of our six storage facilities are filled to almost 100 per cent, and are thus optimally prepared for the coming winter,” explains Dr Frank Fischer, Managing Director of Storengy Deutschland Betrieb.

In accordance with Germany’s Gas Storage Act, which came into force in April this year to secure nationwide gas storage levels, storage companies must be able to verify a fill level of 95 per cent by 1 November – Storengy Deutschland has long since exceeded this requirement.

Like many companies, Storengy is moving from one exceptional situation to the next in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and now the energy crisis, demonstrating its very high level of resilience and adaptability. Around 150 employees work at the six natural gas storage facilities as well as at the administrative offices in Berlin and Hanover. Each and every one of them makes an enormous contribution to ensuring that the operations run smoothly and without major interruptions. They include technical and commercial dispatchers working in shifts, maintenance staff, engineers for storage optimisation, as well as colleagues in the facilities and administration.

Dr Frank Fischer emphasises: “I’m always fascinated by how well we get through these turbulent times thanks to all our employees. This can only succeed if our colleagues see themselves as a team, show a high willingness to perform, and master the new challenges of our time with creative solutions. Excellent!”

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Storengy Deutschland, a company of ENGIE Group, is one of the leading gas storage companies in Germany. With around 150 employees across Germany, we are a reliable partner for storage services: we plan, build and operate storage facilities and market their storage capacities. Our mission is to generate and store climate-neutral energy in order to sustainably supply tomorrow’s generations. Therefore, we are developing innovative solutions for storing hydrogen and producing renewable gases. The company's headquarters are in Berlin.

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