News 17 August 2022

#TeamStorengy: Tim Schroeter

Today we're talking to Tim Schroeter. He works as a plant supervisor at our natural gas storage facility in Peckensen (Saxony-Anhalt).

At Storengy Deutschland, we’re very proud of our employees, because they’re an important part of our success. In our #TeamStorengy series, we introduce colleagues from different areas who enrich our company with their commitment.

Today we’re talking to Tim Schroeter. He works as a plant supervisor at our natural gas storage facility in Peckensen (Saxony-Anhalt). He trained as an electronics technician for industrial engineering and has been part of #TeamStorengy since 2019.

What are your tasks as a plant supervisor?

A large part of my job is concerned with following up error messages from our process control system. The operational facility in Peckensen is very extensive and is controlled automatically. This means that there are regular messages that need to be checked carefully and errors that have to be corrected. If changes are made to the facility, the documentation has to be adapted and, in the case of safety-relevant controls or regulations, a TÜV inspection is carried out.

I also support the activities of our contractors at the storage facility – there are usually five to ten contractors working there every day to carry out maintenance measures. Before they can start their work, the work processes, responsibilities and safety measures must be defined in detail and documented, as this is necessary for safety reasons.

Are there any particular challenges in implementing your daily tasks?

Safety is our top priority and must be maintained at all times. This applies to occupational safety as well as to the safety and integrity of our facilities and operations. For example, we’re always required to wear our protective work clothing. Of course, this is also important for contractors, who are not always used to this.

In addition, you should be aware that, as a plant supervisor, you have a considerable degree of responsibility, because you need to maintain a good overview of the complex processes at the storage facility at all times.

How did Storengy accompany and support you on your career path?

After completing my training as an electronics technician for industrial engineering, I started working as a plant supervisor at Storengy Deutschland Betrieb in 2019. I had previously worked with automation and photovoltaic systems, so the new job was a nice change. Following my induction training I started on standby duty and, after about a year, I was also allowed to take on responsibility as a full team member.

I really appreciate that different training courses are regularly offered – for example, I recently became a fire safety officer.

My next goal is to complete the master craftsman for industry qualification.

Why do you like working at Storengy?

What appeals to me most about my job is the special nature of the place where I work: the Peckensen natural gas storage facility is located near Salzwedel in a very idyllic region. It has five underground salt caverns. Along with two other cavern storage facilities, Peckensen is the largest cavern storage facility operated by Storengy in Germany. 

In addition, every day brings a lot of variety and there’s a very pronounced team spirit and sense of collegiality among us – making work fun!

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