News 19 November 2021

#TeamStorengy: Florian Mieck

Today we are talking to Florian Mieck. He works as a technical dispatcher at our Hanover site. 

Florian Mieck

At Storengy Germany, we’re very proud of our employees, because they’re an important part of our success. In our #TeamStorengy series, we introduce colleagues from different areas who enrich our company with their commitment.

Today we’re talking to Florian Mieck. He’s been working as a technical dispatcher at Storengy for more than seven years and at our Hanover site since 2019. There he’s responsible for simultaneously monitoring and controlling four natural gas storage facilities.

What are your responsibilities as a technical dispatcher?

I coordinate the process control systems and ensure the plant availability of our natural gas storage facilities from the central control room in Hanover. This also has an alarm and emergency management system, and is permanently manned, so I work in a fully continuous shift.

At the same time, I ensure compliance with specific mining law requirements and regulations, such as for the cavern pressure and temperature. In addition, I support the teams on site when decommissioning the storage facilities – known as shutdowns. My job is also to optimise our storage facilities by identifying potential for improvement. In addition, I assist with fault analyses and troubleshooting.

What I enjoy most is operating the plants, commissioning and decommissioning them, as well as maintaining their availability by bypassing or re-selecting plant sections. 

What qualities do you need to work as a technical dispatcher?

It’s very important to always keep an overview and remain calm. If, for example, part of a plant fails, we analyse what the problem is. A new plant section must be organised and commissioned as quickly as possible in order to comply with the nomination, i.e. the desired injection or withdrawal of the customer’s gas. This is necessary to ensure security of supply. We’re systemically important and take on a responsible task that requires a high level of concentration.

Let’s look at your career path. How has your professional career developed so far?

I trained as an automotive mechatronics technician, specialising in truck maintenance. I then worked for seven years as a mechanic for a major German industrial service provider and was able to gain valuable experience in the natural gas and petroleum sector. In March 2014, I started as a technical dispatcher at Storengy in Dötlingen. At the end of 2015, I successfully completed the full-time shift supervisor course in gas storage and sweet gas production technology in Celle. I’m particularly looking forward to managing technical dispatching as an operational data manager starting next year. I really appreciate that Storengy gives me the opportunity to continue climbing the career ladder and develop professionally.

What do you think makes Storengy an attractive employer?

Storengy is committed to further developing its own employees – there’s a comprehensive range of training opportunities. For example, I’ve completed training for important basic topis like Health and Safety but also work-related trainings like PCS-7 control systems and operation of reciprocating compressors..

Moreover, I welcome the fact that sustainability and social responsibility have a high priority at Storengy. For example, after converting our IT system, fully functional notebooks were no longer needed and were donated to schools – making an important contribution to digital learning and to introducing students to the topic of IT.

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