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#TeamStorengy: Esma Uckel

Today we’re talking to Esma Uckel. She’s a Product Development & Portfolio Management Officer at our Berlin site.

#Team Storengy: Esma Uckel

At Storengy Germany, we’re very proud of our employees, because they’re an important part of our success. In our #TeamStorengy series, we introduce colleagues from different areas who enrich our company with their commitment.

Today we’re talking to Esma Uckel. She’s a Product Development & Portfolio Management Officer at our Berlin site. Since 2019, Esma has been responsible for managing our gas storage facilities in #TeamStorengy.

What are your responsibilities as a Product Development & Portfolio Management Officer?

I have a very diverse range of tasks. My team and I are responsible for managing the gas portfolio for our six natural gas storage facilities in Germany – this means that we offer our customers various solutions for injecting their gas into our underground gas storage facilities. As soon as free storage capacities are available to us, we put them up for tender in an auction – this is called marketing. For managing our gas portfolio, we conclude gas trading transactions, manage them and thus optimise our gas portfolio.

We’re also responsible for product development and risk management. We always strive to develop innovative and sustainable natural gas storage products for our customers. Furthermore, as a company we also pay particular attention to CO2 neutrality and renewable energies.

An important part of my job is also communicating with our customers. We have an electronic storage portal that enables them to view real-time gas storage information online, manage their contracts and also participate in auctions. We also communicate through regular newsletters, our social media channels and our website.


What do you enjoy most about working at Storengy?

I have a very varied working day, since no two days are the same.

What I particularly enjoy is the fact that we’re international in scope – this applies not only to our company itself, but also of course to our customers. We seamlessly move between English, German and French. In addition to nimbly switching between languages, my everyday work encompasses many other exciting challenges and projects. For example, we recently completely revamped our storage portal. This includes a new electronic auction procedure that now enables our customers to participate in our auctions even more conveniently. This was a very exciting and successful project for our division.

How do you feel about gender equality and diversity at Storengy?

These issues have gained a lot of traction in recent years, and I think that Storengy has responded clearly and very rapidly to this social development. Coming from a migration background, I think it’s particularly important that attention is paid to these sensitive issues and that they’re therefore engaged with. This year, the internal Diversity Working Group was set up, which deals in detail with diversity in the working world and promotes it within the company. It’s an important transformation process that’s being embraced by everyone. The core message has been received: gender equality promotes an inclusive and pleasant working atmosphere as well as better togetherness within Storengy.

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