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Press release 08 November 2021

Methane Observatory

Storengy moving ahead with the reduction of methane emissions on all its storage facilities

Storengy Deutschland

Methane Observatory: Storengy moving ahead with the reduction of methane emissions on all its storage facilities in Europe

Berlin/Paris/Stublach, 8 November 2021. Storengy reaffirms its commitment to reduce methane emissions up to 45% per year by 2025. The European leading gas storage operator has been assigned with the Gold Standard of the International Methane Emissions Observatory (IMEO). The observatory was launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), with support from the European Union, at the G20 Summit in Glasgow. IMEO’s objective is to drive action on reducing methane emissions

The IMEO report includes the analysis of the first reports submitted by the company members of the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP 2.0). IMEO will improve the reporting accuracy and public transparency of human-caused methane emissions. Initially, it will focus on methane emissions from the fossil fuel sector, and then expand to other major emitting sectors like agriculture and waste.

The Gold Standard is assigned to companies in the first year that have submitted credible and explicit implementation plans on how to achieve the highest reporting level by 2024. Reaching this standard, Storengy makes proof of its commitment to measure, manage and mitigate methane emissions.

Storengy Deutschland: reducing 35% of annual methane emissions by 2025
Already below the ‘near zero‘ emissions intensity threshold - as defined by the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) - Storengy Deutschland, continuously, boosts efforts to reduce its environmental impact, especially in terms of methane emissions. Storengy Deutschland aims at acting on all the possible sources of methane emissions in its processes to reach 35% reduction of its annual methane emissions by 2025 (in comparison to 2016). The first priority is to identify, measure and remedy fugitive emissions using innovative technologies. The second priority will deal with methane emissions reduction during maintenance works and venting operations using a mobile hot flare to avoid venting to the greatest possible extent. The third one will focus on emissions through compressors’ seals.

Storengy France: reducing 25% of annual methane emissions by 2025
As a committed actor of the energy transition, limiting methane emissions of energy-related activities, and more specifically of the underground gas storage activity, is also a major strategic challenge for Storengy France. In that purpose, the storage operator is committed to reducing 25% of its annual methane emissions by 2025 (in comparison to 2016). A first objective its action plan is to monitor the various sources and to quantify methane emissions according to OGMP 2.0 standards. Then, the target is to both avoid and reduce methane emissions due to underground storage facility. To do so, Storengy France will focus in a first time on three main axes: (1) reducing methane leaks through LDAR campaigns (in place since 2018), (2) reducing methane emissions during maintenance and works through operations as Gas Booster that aim to recover/reinject gas meant to be vented, …, and (3) reducing emissions from gas compression activity.

Focus on Storengy UK
Storengy UK aims at reducing 45% of its annual methane emissions by 2025 (in comparison to 2016).

About Storengy
Storengy, an ENGIE subsidiary, is one of the world leaders in underground natural gas storage. Drawing on 60 years of experience, Storengy designs, develops and operates storage facilities and offers its customers innovative products. The company owns 21 natural gas storage sites with a total capacity of 12.2 bn m3 in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Storengy is positioned today as a key player in the development of geothermal energy (heat/cold production and power generation), as well as in innovative production and storage solutions for low carbon energy (biomethane, hydrogen, etc.).

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