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Why Hydrogen?


The hydrogen technology is a central building block for achieving the European climate goals.

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The energy transition requires a continued increase in renewable power generation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and displace fossil fuels from the entire primary energy supply.

In order to be used in the sectors of transport, industry and residential heating, this renewable energy must be stored and transformed into a usable state. Producing hydrogen from renewable energy and integrating the various sectors via power-to-gas technology allows to achieve both objectives.

The resulting hydrogen-based energy infrastructure is necessary for the supply of transport and industry and must be able to ensure a continuous, reliable and economically affordable energy supply for the entire economy.

Green hydrogen in the foreground

Storengy Deutschland develops solutions to produce green hydrogen by electrolysis of water. This process uses 100% renewable energy sources to ensure CO2-free hydrogen production.

Blue and turquoise hydrogen as bridge technology

Blue hydrogen from natural gas, in which CO2 is captured and stored (natural gas steam reforming + carbon capture and storage, CCS) and turquoise hydrogen from methane (methane pyrolysis + carbon generation) can be regarded as important bridging technologies for the development of a hydrogen economy. Hydrogen based on biomethane can be also an option. In France, Storengy is developing solutions for biomethane production and storage.

Storing hydrogen in salt caverns

Hydrogen underground storage is a safe, reliable and proven technology. In our view, salt caverns are a very suitable technology for this purpose. Germany has large storage capacities and an even greater storage potential in the form of salt caverns at the heart of the European networks. Storengy Deutschland operates three cavern storage facilities: Harsefeld near Stade (Lower Saxony), Lesum near Bremen (Bremen), Peckensen near Salzwedel (Saxony-Anhalt)

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